The Denver Anarchist Black Cross exists to contribute to the defense of social movements, both internally and externally, working against oppression and for self determination.

Since its inception at the beginning of the 20th Century, the mission of the Anarchist Black Cross has been to contribute to the defense of mass movements working for liberation from state and capitalist domination. The most previous incarnation of an Anarchist Black Cross chapter in Denver was snuffed out of existence quite quickly in 2004, after a full scale FBI investigation into the organization was launched to coincide with the security efforts protecting the Democratic National Convention that summer. The resulting FBI investigation spread to include the Great Plains Anarchist Network and dozens of anarchist organizers active in the Midwest.

With this history in mind, but also amidst a backdrop of increasing state attacks on social movements in the United States, we decided to form a new Denver chapter of the ABC. We felt that the time is far past due to organize methods of defense within our communities, and that under the historical banner of the Anarchist Black Cross was one strategic way to proceed with our work.

Historically, the Anarchist Black Cross has played a crucial role in mass movement defense; organizing support and defense of political prisoners and prisoners of war, maintaining physical solidarity against the police during factory and school occupations, organizing self defense and armed defense of social movements, and fulfilling a broad range of roles within the defense of social movements.

We wish to carry on this work and start to explore other avenues of movement defense that have historically not been a major focus of many ABC chapters.

The state and those that wish to destroy movements for liberation attack us on many levels. Support for political prisoners and prisoners of war, organizing against white supremacist and neo-fascist attacks, performing roles of security and physical defense, and organizing self-defense and legal defense on a variety of levels will continue to be a main backbone of our work.

From the Green Scare to the arrest of former Panthers, from the cases of the RNC 8 to mass incarceration and deportations of migrants, the state has been busy attacking our communities and movements over the last several years.

However, we wish to also focus on the internal mechanisms that affect movements and lead to their demise. These internal threats are used to split and destroy movements far before they even become a threat. We envision an ABC chapter capable of contributing to the strengthening of our movement by providing mental, emotional, material, and physical support to its members and their communities. Ultimately, we want to help ensure the strength of our movements from the inside out.

We’re still figuring out what all this looks like. We’re still working to understand how to provide the best support possible within our social movements and to maintain our movement as a legitimate and strong threat to state, capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal power and other forms of domination.

Any questions, concerns, comments, ideas, wishes to collaborate or participate, contact us at denverabc@riseup.net

Also, you can check out our blog at denverabc.wordpress.com and our fan page at facebook.com/denverabc

Mail and physical correspondence can be sent to:

Denver Anarchist Black Cross
c/o P&L Printing
2727 w. 27th Ave Unit D
Denver, CO 80211

In love, solidarity, and for a strong healthy movement that can defend itself from all threats!

Denver Anarchist Black Cross, July 2009

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  1. thanx….just starting an abc this way in cincinnati and appreciate the solidarity.

  2. Red Black Bob says:

    Solidarity from Wyoming. Anytime you need help there are a few of us north willing to do our share.

  3. shout to denver @bc….nice site. Looking to collaborate with others on projects which can be implemented on a systematic approach. Check out civiliter mortuus [http://tjel.weebly.com/index.html]-trying to put together the “noizy slave demonstration” to coincide with the world choir games being held in cincinnati ohio between july 4-14. Interested in theatrical performers/performances with a focus on prisoners and the second class (slave) status of ex-prisoners once freed from captivity in hopes of bringing more awareness to the bloated prison population in america and how the united snakes government and its various state tentacles sponsor forms of ‘civil punishment’ (reactionaries use the euphemism “collateral sanctions”) which keeps ex-offenders in a state of poverty and second class citizenship-something that trickles down to our children who must also suffer the retribution of the state apparatus. If you think you have some ideas or would want to get down on this and grind it out for July, contact me through the contact link at the site above.-ohio prison project

  4. ben collins says:

    I respect and admire what you guys do. The police are on a huge power psychotic trip (obviously) and you are doing everything you can to resist their demands to be tyrannical as well. I may visit Denver again one day. Till then, stay elevated!

  5. walt geisel says:

    I rarely call for action, but Health Care for All Colorado is building up to a Colorado Senate Bill that I’ve been touting as ObamaCare + half way to Single Payer. Heavy on prevention. Helps more people. Does some to relieve employers. Some help for us who can’t afford insurance. Perhaps real competition.

    West Steps of Capital, Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 1-4 with enmass walk in to Committee at 2 pm.
    & of course http://www.civicsatisfaction.org/

    And I think I’m caught up with your events, so check them over, as always.

    Walt Geisel
    PO Box 9656, Denver 80209

  6. denverabc says:


    His new address is listed on our political prisoner listing.



  7. Lydia says:

    Hey there,
    I’ve been having a letter correspondance with Bill Dunne, and it seems that he has been relocated to GA. My letter got sent back “unable to forward”. I attempted to find the new address but have had no luck. If you post the new address on the website I’ll be sure to get it there.

  8. Jolly Roger says:

    Very Nice! I just friended you guys on Facebook. I moved out here from California but now live in Colorado Springs. Next time we are up in Denver we will hit you up.

  9. i gave a presentation for the beyond patriarchy convergence last week

    here’s a post of the material i presented:


    if you are interested.

    in revolt!


  10. Genea says:


    Genea here from Brighton ABC in the UK. I’ve been corresponding with Jerome White-Bey for many years, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of him, he started up the MPLU, Missouri Prisoners Labor Union. I’ve had several letters over the last few months where he’s been talking about his on going kidney infection from having diabetes, which the prison has so far not treated. I asked him if he’d like me to write an appeal for people to write letters of complaint which he said yes to. The letter appeal is at the bottom of this mail.

    Since a few of us here have written complaints a couple of weeks ago I then received a letter from him yesterday saying, “Here is the latest on my medical treatment, one day the mental health docter called me to his office, he said that the prison wanted him to see him first before they can start me on any medication for the kidney infection that I have because the medication they are going to give me has the side effects of depression, moody and angrier, I was asked to sign some papers saying that I would not sue the State if something goes wrong, but I refused to sign the papers and the docter then refused to treat me for the kidney infection. Now correct me if I am wrong, but just being in prison has me moody, angry and depressed so why would I agree to take medication to make me even more so, plus what does a mental health docter have to do with me and my kidney infection. Something about this doesn’t sit right with me and now the prison docter has not called me to his office again”.

    He then asked what I thought he should do and if I could help find out about his treatment. But I’m in England, don’t know how the medical systems work in the US or what the standard treatment for a kidney infection from having diabetes would be. Because there is also a time delay between us sending each other letters overseas as well which isn’t good with this being a problem with his health I thought I would send out an e-mail to groups in the US to see if anyone else had any ideas about what could be done to help him?


    Urgent Letter Appeal For Medical Treatment Of Jerome White-Bey

    Jerome White-Bey is the founder and president of the Missouri Prisoner Labour Union, an organization of Missouri prisoners and their outside supporters who are organizing around labour and other prison conditions. Since the founding of the MPLU, Jerome has been subject to administrative harassment and retaliation. He was in the “hole” (administrative segregation) for two years following the formation of the MPLU and has constantly been moved in and out of segregation since.

    Jerome is now appealing for help with a letter campaign. He has diabetes which has caused a kidney infection that has lasted for several months now. Despite several requests made by him to the doctors there the prison officials are denying him any medical treatment for the kidney infection. He has had no treatment, no tests, no medication and he is very worried about his health and the effect the long lasting infection will have on him. In his own words:

    “There is a plot against my well being. It is clear to me now, so the only sure way to protect myself from ill willed people is to build a wall of security around me, because when people on the outside show an overwhelming concern about our well being, then that stills the hand of the evil doers. So anyone that would like to write, call the prison or visit me is welcome to do so.”

    Please write letters of complaint to:

    The Governor
    2727 Highway K
    Bonne Terre, MO 63628
    +001 573 358-5516

    Write letters of support to:

    Jerome White-Bey
    2727 Highway K
    Bonne Terre, MO 63628

    Sample letter:

    Your name and address here:

    Dear Governor of ERDCC,

    I am writing to you to express my extreme concern for a prisoner currently held in your prison. His name is Jerome White-Bey #37479. Mr White-Bey has diabetes which has caused a kidney infection that has lasted for several months now.

    Despite several attempts by himself to get his condition treated he has had no treatment, no tests, no medication and is now very worried about his health and the effect such a long term untreated infection will have upon it.

    I am writing to you in the hope that you can look into this matter and ensure that Mr White-Bey gets the treatment that a prison has the duty of care to provide for the prisoners held with-in it.

    Yours faithfully

  11. ewinfield says:


    I am glad that someone in Denver feels somewhat the same. I was assaulted by the Denver Police and never charged with a crime. I was originally booked on a felony assault against a peace officer- Later all charges were dropped and I went after them in Court. My upcoming trial is set for May 5th, 2010. I want answers to why I was beaten by 3 police officers weighing more than 750 lbs collectively. I weigh in 160. We need citizen oversight!

    My blog I just started:

    Please contact me with any thing!

  12. R.QUIGLEY says:

    I wish to extend my congratulations to you and want to offer my support and assisstance. I have been in contact with the LA group and Mr.Hart and have expressed my wish to be a part of the ABCF. I reside in Wyoming and Mr.Hart suggested I contact your group.Any questions you may have of me please ask, I will be happy to answer them. Good luck and Godspeed on your future endeavors. Respectfully,R.QUIGLEY

  13. Hi: This is the website of the National Boricua Human Rights Network, for Carlos Alberto Torres and Oscar opez Rivera.



  14. PhilR says:

    I will help you guys in any way I can. Feel free to contact me. You have my email. I run Colorado Prison State and you may consider any of the humble resourses we have at your disposal!

  15. cleveland anarchist black cross says:

    thanks for your soildarity send me updates

  16. Mu Son says:

    I’m so glad you guys are doing this work. Thank you for everything you do!

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